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Fair Trade Practices

Lori Fena

Founder & Executive Director

Lori Fena is a recognized technology policy thought leader, entrepreneur, investor and author.  She has leveraged technical curiosity, business acumen and an activist nature to align stakeholders behind ground-breaking technology companies and international technology/data policy from the start of networked computing era to today’s world of AI, ML, Big Data and distributed ledgers. 

Ms. Fena was the former Executive Director and Chairman of Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF.org), founder and Chairman of TRUSTe.org, and led the “Accountable Net” Internet Policy Program at the Aspen Institute. She continued as an investor and advisor to many technology companies after selling her company to Stream International, in a $1.2B merger of Corporate Software and R.R.Donnelly Global Software Services.


Ensuring that information does not contain false information or is known to be untrue


Obtaining information with permission and not via deception, or methods likely to deceive the average user

Transparent Exchange

Providing clear value exchange and does not omit material information that would be likely to cause the average user to make a different transactional decision


Creating long term business relationships and revenue flows to all points of the information value chain


Enacting security, transparency and accountability practices throughout the information supply chain


Timely mechanisms for examination and correction of errors, misuse, and misappropriation of information

Human Rights

Adherence to the United Nations charter of Human Rights, including banning slave and child labor and providing safe workplaces


Support of the United Nations Sustainability Goals

Generational Equity

Awareness of the diverse demographics iterating through the world wide web and establish precautions against any potential forms of inequity

Humane Design

Pledge to build products that garner attention for the right reasons 

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